Upload your image, slice it and receive your HTML email

InstaCut is an online tool to transform your newsletter design from an image into a pixel-perfect HTML + CSS email! You upload your image (png, jpg or pdf), cut it smoothly with our auto-edge-snapping functionality, and get the optimised, auto-generated, code and images.

InstaCut? Why?

You believe cutting images and writing a bit of old-school HTML code is a piece of cake? You probably know better since you ended up at this page? If not, did you know that scaling a 1 pixel gif is fine, unless the scale-factor is larger than 62.5? Ever tried to make a table longer than 23.7 inches or 1790 pixels high? Already viewed a more than 600 px wide image in the GMail app on your iPhone? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

InstaCut let's you save your valuable time! We have been and will be wasting ours with Googling, reading fora, contacting experts and many more to collect all kinds of tips and tricks. Instead of just documenting them, we translate these rules in the online InstaCut tool.


  • Pixel perfect HTML + CSS emails
  • Cut fast with auto-snapping
  • No manual coding required
  • Image size optimiser
  • Load and save your projects
  • Undo-redo, even after reopening a project
  • Export and download emails as ZIP files
  • Send test mails
  • Constantly improving for a wide range of email clients/browsers/devices/...

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